Karen Bernard

Karen Bernard


Karen, a proud Mi’kmaq woman from Eskasoni, is the Director of the Jane Paul Indigenous Women’s Resource Centre.  

The ambition I have found within Council with a beautiful and diverse group of women has given me direction to advocate on so many social justice issues at so many different community and government levels.

Leadership among women comes in many forms; to being a respected elder, politician, and advocate, and how important it is to continue empowering our women in all forms of positive leadership within Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia) for the betterment of ourselves, our family, and our communities.


Council Members                                               

Abshiro Abdille    

Afolake Awoyiga

Karen Bernard 

Nadine Bernard                             

Eileen Bruleigh                             

Sarah Fraser

Sara Greenblatt

Victoria Hanebury Fraser

Dianne Looker

Collette Robert                                 

Maura Ryan  (President)                                     

Cheryl Stewart-Walsh