Sarah Fraser

Sarah Fraser

Dr. Sarah Fraser is originally from Merigomish, Nova Scotia. She is a General Practitioner in Halifax with a focus on hospitalist medicine. She has worked as a physician in the Northwest Territories, and is currently the Co-Director of the Medical Humanities Program at Dalhousie University.  She also blogs about medicine at

As a physician, it is rewarding when I'm able to help individual patients. But in day-to-day life, I frequently come across issues within the system that need to change.

That's why I'm enthused to join the Advisory Council on the Status of Women. I want to help make a difference for women in Nova Scotia at a larger scale.

I am especially keen to advocate for women's reproductive health, closing the gender pay gap, and for advancing the health of women in rural areas of the province.

In the media: DR. SARAH FRASER: A continuum of COVID caring, from Northwest Territories to Nova Scotia



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Abshiro Abdille    

Afolake Awoyiga

Karen Bernard 

Nadine Bernard                             

Eileen Bruleigh                             

Sarah Fraser

Sara Greenblatt

Victoria Hanebury Fraser

Dianne Looker

Collette Robert                                 

Maura Ryan  (President)                                     

Cheryl Stewart-Walsh