Canada's Feminist Response and Recovery Summit

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The Canada’s Feminist Response and Recovery Summit will bring together politicians, experts, feminist leaders and those with lived experience to examine how COVID-19 is impacting the lives of women in Canada. It will focus on the steps that governments, civil society and all Canadians can take to ensure an inclusive recovery by advancing gender equality.

Over two days, you will learn about key issues facing women impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including Black and racialized women, Indigenous women; women with disabilities; LGBTQ2 individuals; senior women; women in rural and remote areas; immigrant and newcomer women; and young women. The online summit will look at issues faced by women’s and equality-seeking organizations. Through presentations and interactive sessions, you will:

  • Learn and discuss how COVID-19 and related public health measures are impacting women and the women’s and equality-seeking sectors.
  • Be part of engaging discussions on the role of child care, good jobs, and other initiatives in Canada’s inclusive recovery.
  • Examine how, done right, our response and recovery can help advance gender equality and grow the economy over the long term.

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