Bryony House

Bryony House offers shelter and services in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Distress Line 902.422.7650.
Shelter Main Number 902.423.7183.
Text Us a Message at 902.422.7650.
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Outreach: (902) 222 4640
Administration: (902:) 429-9002
Fundraising/Volunteer Line: (902) 429-9001

The Halifax Transition House Association of Nova Scotia (Bryony House) believes all women and their children have the right to live free of abuse. To provide shelter for women and their children who seek safe and secure refuge from a abusive relationship.

Bryony House assists women in preparing emergency plans to ensure their safety when leaving an abusive situation. This could include establishing an escape route, gathering important documents, saving money and hiding small bags of clothing.

44.6496768, -63.5895808