Colchester Sexual Assault Centre

The Colchester Sexual Assult Centre (CSAC) is a non-profit, community based organization dedicated to strengthening and empowering survivors of adult sexual assault (ASA) and/or child sexual abuse (CSA) who are aged 16 and over. All programs and services are equally available to all genders.

The ultimate goal of the CSAC is the prevention of sexual assault and sexual abuse.

The CSAC offers many helpful programs and services including one-on-one confidential, gender-sensitive counselling and emotional support to sexual assault and sexual abuse survivors and their family and friends. See programs and services for more information.

Located in Truro, Nova Scotia, the CSAC's services are available, but not limited to, individuals in the counties of Colchester, Cumberland, East Hants and Pictou.

The CSAC's Motto is Courage, Strength, Hope.

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