Standing Together

Standing Together baner


Standing Together is the Government of Nova Scotia’s commitment to work with community organizations, groups and experts to build an action plan to disrupt harmful cycles of domestic violence.

Domestic violence affects many Nova Scotians and can happen in any relationship. Evidence shows that women are the primary victims and men are the primary perpetrators. In Nova Scotia, 79% of domestic violence victims are women. These threats to women’s safety can affect their health, social and economic well-being, and that of their children and families.

The goals of Standing Together are to:

  • prevent domestic violence by disrupting cycles of violence and ensuring that Nova Scotians are better prepared to develop healthy, violence-free relationships
  • support victims of domestic violence with an improved system of programs that help them rebuild their lives and prevent violence in the future
  • shift policies and interventions so support systems better respond to people’s needs, understand and promote gender equality, and address barriers facing the most vulnerable Nova Scotians

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