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Module 1 - Deciding to Run


Nova Scotia needs more women in public and political leadership roles.

For those who have already decided to run – congratulations! This module will be helpful as you take the next steps in the process.

For those who are still considering, this module will help you to evaluate your strengths and values, contemplate the pros and cons of entering political life, and determine your brand and message.

Only you can determine if you are ready to step into elected political leadership.

Before you start, you may want to download the Module 1 tip sheets and exercises.

Module 1 tip sheets and exercises you can complete electronically:
Self-assessment exercise  
Assessing your leadership skills  
What you have to offer  
What motivates you  
What is your agenda  
How will running affect your personal life
What contributes to my qualifications?  
All fillable worksheets and tip sheets

If you'd like to print them, click here.

Additional resources:
Deciding to Run bookletDécider de se présenter aux élections
Knowing Your CommunityConnaître votre communauté

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Keep learning with Module 2: Learning the Political Landscape!