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Module 4: Getting Your Message Out

Communications is a critical component of your campaign, and political life overall. Developing clear messages and familiarity with communications and social media tools and platforms is a fundamental part of becoming and being a leader.

There is a reason politics is called “public life” or “public service”— you, your messages, and your position on the issues will be a topic of public discourse and profile. As soon as you announce your candidacy, the media and the public will want to know what you have to say about the issues central to the campaign. Learning to work with the media and manage your communications will be an important part of your campaign, and, if elected, your time in office.

This module, and the accompanying booklet, contain the basics of a strong communications strategy, including developing your messages and brand, managing your message, understanding social media, using advertising to your advantage, as well as tips and cautions.

Click the links below to download exercises and tip sheets for this module:

Key Questions
What's Your Agenda
Key Issues and Messages
Interacting with the Media: Do's and Don'ts
Know Your Opponents
The Press Release, The Press Conference

Social Media

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