Women's Leadership

Nova Scotia needs more women in leadership positions.

It’s important to have women, in all their diversity, at the decision-making table.  

Advancing women's leadership is central to creating a stronger and more dynamic Nova Scotia.

  • government policy and decision making can impact women differently than men 
  • women bring different perspectives and knowledge that can help to advance gender equality
  • greater diversity enables innovation and helps governments and public sector organizations respond creatively to issues and challenges

The Status of Women office supports women leaders and those aspiring to leadership roles in public service.  

Campaign School for Women

The Status of Women office provides support for women interested in leadership opportunities through a non-partisan Campaign School for Women. Campaign schools prepare participants to run for public office, organize campaigns, or pursue non-elected political roles.  
Key topics include diversity, gendered leadership and women in politics. 
The program also covers topics that are relevant to running a modern campaign, such as managing social media, developing a brand, and navigating the campaign process. 
Contact us to order hard copies of the Campaign School for Women Toolkit, or download the toolkit in PDF format.

Agencies, Boards and Commissions (ABCs)

Serving with an ABC is another important way women can make a major contribution to public service.
ABCs are public sector organizations that provide advice and services in different areas such as health, policing, professional regulation and more. ABCs include advisory committees and councils, corporate boards and adjudicative (quasi-judicial) bodies. 
Learn more and apply to be considered for an appointment to an ABC (link to ABC application site)