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Module 2 - Learning the Political Landscape

So, you have decided to run for elected office – congratulations! It is important to understand the political processes and realities, and to identify which level of government aligns with your goals and priorities.

The political landscape is complex – as a prospective candidate, it is important to understand this landscape in greater detail.

This module provides a snapshot of the different levels of government, roles and responsibilities of elected officials, and partisan politics.  The accompanying booklet provides an overview of how partisan politics works in Nova Scotia and federally, and includes, among other topics, securing a nomination, party leadership, and running as an independent.

The information in this section is useful for candidates as well as anyone involved in campaigns to get women elected.

Before you start, you may want to download the Module 2 tip sheets and exercises:

How well do you know the parties?
Understanding Party Politics: Jurisdictional Responsibilities
Qualifying as a Candidate

Key Positions

All fillable exercises and tip sheets

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Additional resources:
Learning the Political Landscape bookletApprivoiser le paysage politique
Knowing Your CommunityConnaître votre communauté

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