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Making Changes (10th edition)


Making Changes Video Series

What is Abuse

Safety Planning

How Abuse Affects Children

What Newcomers Need to Know

Neighbours, Friends, and Families

  • How to help someone who has an abusive partner (PDF)
    You may know someone whose partner is abusing them. This brochure gives you some warning signs of abuse, and some ways you can help.

  • Safety planning for women who are abused (PDF)
    A safety plan lays out how you can protect yourself and your children, and how you can make a plan to keep as safe as possible.
    This brochure gives you information about how to make a safety plan.

  • How to talk to someone who is abusive (PDF)
    Anyone can help to stop abuse. This brochure tells you about the warning signs and helps you talk to someone who may be hurting the people who love them.

Neighbours, Friends, and Families Video Series

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We can all help end domestic violence

Warning signs of domestic violence

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