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"The mass murders in Nova Scotia were not “senseless.” 

They were predictable.

We, concerned about the well-being of women and girls in Nova Scotia,

1. Ask for a public, independent inquiry with a feminist analysis of the persistent pattern of Nova Scotian women beaten, burned, sexually assaulted, stalked, strangled, shot, stabbed, tortured, trafficked, murdered (femicide), disappeared, and dismembered.

2. Let the inquiry happen on Nova Scotian turf. This worst mass murder in Canadian history happened here!

"The Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice & Accountability (CFOJA) is profoundly saddened and
disturbed by the violent killings of at least 22 women and men by a lone male, armed with guns, this past
weekend across multiple communities in rural Nova Scotia. We hurt for our fellow Canadians, and
particularly those in Nova Scotia, who are both directly and indirectly shattered and impacted by this violent
massacre, including survivors, family members and friends of the victims as well as the communities in
which the killings occurred."